July 14, 2011


About Us

NetGreene Solutions – “Our Solutions. Your Edge.”


NetGreene is an I.T. services and engineering company with a specific focus – to deliver the best I.T. services the market demands and deserves. Not only do we offer the traditional I.T. services (I.T. Consulting, I.T. Staffing, Etc…), but we also offer services such as VoIP Telephone Service, Managed Cloud Service, and Integration Services that are unique to NetGreene Solutions. We are confident that NetGreene has a service offering that will meet your I.T. and/or Telecom needs.

At NetGreene, we strive to build the best team of I.T. professionals possible.  We have specialists that cover all parts of the I.T. spectrum who have spent time working in companies of all sizes – small to large.  We at NetGreene seek to build partnerships with our customers.  These partnerships increase successful outcomes and our customers’ satisfaction. NetGreene customers find that they are never out-of-the-loop when it comes to their technology environment. Our hope is that you will give us the opportunity to serve your business.  My promise is that NetGreene will provide you and your company the best possible I.T. and Telecom services available on the market today. Contact us for more information.

Best regards,
Scott Greene
President and CEO

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I.T. Solutions

At NetGreene we have a solution that can be used to help with your strategic I.T. planning and/or resolve your most complex I.T. issues.  Check out our list of services today and see what NetGreene can do for you.

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