Proactive Support

It is important for your business to NetGreene’s IT support model is not the traditional “buy a block of hours” type of service.  The “buy a block of hours” model is a reactive-only service.  With a proactive support strategy, NetGreene forms a partnership with our customers to create a pro-active technology environment for their business.

Here is how it works:

  • Your company buys a block of hours
  • We schedule a reoccurring time where our team will come onsite to perform monthly proactive maintenance
  • Any remaining hours left over can be used when unexpected issues arise, if you need to ask questions of our team members, call our support center for help, or request a Technology analysis and review

It is that simple.  Our goal is to apply our wide range of skill-sets to your technology environment; allowing the technology to meet the demands of your business operations. This consulting model allows us to partner with you so that we can work together in giving your company the technology edge that it requires.