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Centralized Support


Bringing IT together

NetGreene’s centralized service and support model will increase your business continuity, streamline your budget, and bring your technology all together.  By building a partnership, our team will assess your technology environment, strategize on which I.T. services best fit your needs, then provide implementation and 24/7/365 management and support – a top to bottom turnkey service.


Centralization = Efficiency

Your technology is the lifeline of your business. When it works well together, it’s like a well-oiled machine.  But when it crashes, your business continuity and revenue are all at stake.  NetGreene’s group of engineers and technicians specialize in technology integration and support.  By centralizing all technology support to NetGreene, your staff can spend more time focusing on what they do best – servicing your customers. 

I.T. Helpdesk

With both on-site and remote support,  our team is standing by to quickly resolve all technology issues within your environment.  From PC’s, servers, firewalls and switches, to wireless access points, software and security – we will handle it all for you.

Software Management

Our support team will be the liason to  your software vendors. As your dedicated I.T. department, NetGreene will directly work with your technology vendors to resolve any software-related issues, including patches and updates –  saving your staff valuable time.

VoIP & Telephony

Every call is important to your business and your customers. With NetGreene’s VoIP telecom division, CrossPath Telecom Network, there is not a telephone service issue that we cannot diagnose or resolve.  Our team has over 30 years of enterprise telephony experience. 

Network Security

NetGreene’s approach to network security is proactive – not reactive. Our Network Operating Center will closely monitor your network entry points, firewall, end-clients, email security and user access control to identify potential malicious activity and respond to any and all threats to your confidential data. NetGreene’s NOC will protect your network around the clock.

ISP & Wireless

Nothing slows down a business faster than a poor internet connection or wireless signal. NetGreene will monitor your internet connection and also work with your ISP to bring you the best and most reliable connection for your business.  We also specialize in ISP redundancy and wireless access point coverage. Our goal is to keep you up and running.

I.T. Projects

From pre-project planning to post-project surveying, NetGreene provides support and certifications of all I.T. project implementations.  Rest assured that the I.T. project plan we design for your business will have NetGreene’s promise of success. If there is something we missed or the results are not to expectation, NetGreene will guarantee to make it right.

A difference maker

Customer satisfaction 

Nothing matters more to NetGreene than customer satisfaction. We survey our customers for the quality of support received. With our goal at 100%, year-over-year NetGreene averages over a 98% customer satisfaction rating. We proudly acknowledge this statistic to reflect the hard work and dedication that our support team provides to each and every NetGreene customer.


Retainer and unlimited hour support plans are available.