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Physician Services


NetGreene’s engineering team has a core background in Healthcare I.T. and have worked exclusively inside hospital corporations and private practices. This experience brings extreme value to medical practices. Recognizing that Healthcare is a fast-paced industry, NetGreene’s focus is to streamline all technology and practice polices – allowing practitioners to spend their most valuable time on what they enjoy doing best, helping patients.



Physician Services

Physician Services
is an all-inclusive I.T. support plan designed specifically for medical practices.  This unique plan eliminates the stress and pressure that technology often brings to a healthcare staff, including I.T. budgeting.  Your practice can now take advantage of receiving unlimited service and support for every technology component within your clinic, all set under a single monthly price.

Flexible Service Plans

Your Physician Services plan will be specifically designed to include all of the technology services and support your clinic requires.  

Available Service Options

EMR and Vendor Support

A clinic’s administration spends a substantial amount of time communicating with EMR providers and technology vendors. To alleviate this headache, NetGreene will take complete control over all EMR and vendor service support, including the clinic’s Internet Service Provider(s).

HIPPA Compliance

Maintaining HIPPA compliance is one of the most important responsibilities inside a healthcare practice. NetGreene will ensure that your staff are following the most up-to-date HIPPA policies and procedures.

Security Risk Assessments

There is no need to hire an outside firm to perform and file your annual security risk assessments. NetGreene has a federally certified security auditor on staff that will handle all SRA responsibilities for your clinic.

Consulting Services

NetGreene provides professional council in choosing the best software and technology providers for your practice – keeping your practice up-to-date on the best performing and most secure healthcare technologies.

NGCloud Integration

Physician Services includes a seamlessly integration with NGCloud. This migration will transition your on-premise server to NGCloud’s high-performing virtual server environment. NGCloud will host all EMR and on-premise software to streamline network infrastructure.

VoIP Phone System & Services

CrossPath Telecom Network, NetGreene’s telecom division, will design and manage a custom-tailored VoIP phone system for your clinic, including VoIP phone service. We will provide all of the most popular service features needed for your staff to maintain an efficient front and back office workflow.

Network Infrastructure

Whether using NGCloud or choosing a hardware leasing solution, NetGreene can provide all of your clinic’s network infrastructure within the Physician Services plan, including:  Servers, Computers, Tablets, Wireless Access Points, Firewalls, Switches, Scanners and Printers.

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